How to use Aquarius

Once Aquarius is in your server you can interact with it in any text channel it can read messages in.

Adding or Removing Commands

To add a command type

.commands add <name>

For example, to add the Stocks command you would type

.commands add stocks

Aquarius should post a reply confirming the command was enabled. To remove it, you can type

.commands remove stocks

To get a list of commands Aquarius has, type


To find out more about a command, you can type

.help <name>

Configuring Commands

Some commands have settings you can configure. When you add a command that has this, Aquarius will let you know.

To see a list of settings, send a Direct Message to Aquarius with

settings list <name>

IMPORTANT: This is not a regular post in a text channel; you must DM the bot directly. There also is no period before settings.

If you have admin privileges in several servers Aquarius is in, it will prompt you for the ID of the one to configure. You can find this by opening your user preferences, going to the Appearance Tab, and turning "Developer Mode" on. Then right click the server icon and select "Copy ID".

Aquarius will then list the settings you can configure with their current values, along with how to change them.